A new world of opportunity -- here and now

Like other towers throughout history and across civilizations, Kigali City Tower stands for aspiration and power.

But it also stands for hope – in a city rapidly becoming one of the most prosperous, cleanest and fastest-growing metropolitan centers on the African continent.

Sited in a prime location, designed by acclaimed architects and fitted with the highest standards in building technology, Kigali City Tower brings the best standards in mixed-use development to Rwanda.
It’s designed with attention to every detail but also with a focus on the broader picture to ensure it meets a retail and office space demand not met by any other facility in the city.

Kigali City Tower isn’t just the most attractive and comfortable office and retail development on the market today. It also provides an unprecedented level of technical efficiency to give our tenants an environment that supports productivity and excellence – regardless of the type or size of the business.

We are currently finalizing anchor tenant lease agreements with banks, retail, food, clothing, fitness chains, cafe’s and premium furniture brands operating in the East Africa region. We’re building an unprecedented new landmark for business, retail and entertainment in Kigali City.